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Join Us for Our Holiday Diaper Drive!

SF Smiles is hosting a diaper drive benefiting the moms and babies of the Homeless Prenatal Program, Bay Area Women’s & Children’s Center, and Black Infant Health Improvement. Drop diapers off at the drive or visit our Amazon registry to have them shipped.

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Bayview-Hunters Point in Photos

Parties, funerals, family gatherings, and a playground on fire.  These events — alternately tragic, heartwarming or ordinary — are beautifully documented by photographer Alex Welsh in a photo series on Bayview-Hunters Point. The SF Smiles warehouse is located in Bayview, and we have become well-acquainted with the area during pickups and dropoffs of furniture and household goods.
Initially, Alex Welsh aimed to document the neighborhood’s high levels of asthma and cancer, …

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Our Man Charles

One day in 2011, I was making an SF Smiles furniture delivery to a family in San Francisco’s Sunnydale neighborhood when a tall, slender man who was enjoying the fresh outdoor air began eagerly chatting with me. He had that laid-back, congenial presence that you associate with the South. His name was Charles, and he had very recently moved into an apartment with his wife Bridgette. But they had no furniture.
I couldn’t believe the serendipity of our …

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SF Smiles is Feelin’ the Love

February is the month of love and February 2014 is one that will forever hold a special place in our hearts here at SF Smiles. This month, SF Smiles received the most amazing and needed gift by the United Council of Human Services: storage space! You know that a program has heart and is fueled by love when it so willingly offers what it has to make a …

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Silent Film: The Couch

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Chad (the founder and all-around star of SF Smiles) and Charles (an energetic SF Smiles volunteer) near the corner of Duboce and Valencia in San Francisco. It was evening, but Chad and Charles weren’t winding down any time soon. They were doing a large “pick up” of household items donated to SF Smiles, which they would deliver the same night to a home on Treasure Island.
Nearly all of the …

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Pittsburgh’s Street Doctor

Dr. Jim Withers of Operation Safety Net administers to the homeless population of Pittsburgh, alongside Mike Sallows, who was himself homeless for seven years. Sallows was the first of the duo to bring blankets and food to the homeless at night, often searching for them under Pittsburgh’s many bridges. Seeing that the homeless had serious medical needs, Dr. Withers asked to join Sallows on his visits. Sallows agreed and advised him, “Don’t dress like a doctor.” Dr. …

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"...some of our members donated a sofa, chair and ottoman. They had been calling around for days trying to find a good home for their furniture. The staff of SFSmiles picked it up almost immediately and within a week had donated it to an organization in San Francisco that helps house homeless women with newborn babies. So this sofa set spent it’s Christmas furnishing a home for a homeless family!! How great is that?!!"

Anonymous , St. John’s United Church of Christ in San Francisco, California

The SFSmiles Stickermobile!

We put miles of smiles on the original SF Smiles delivery truck.